I find it rather telling that my first blog post is about therapy. Probably because I spent the better part of my morning searching for the perfect therapist only to be waitlisted. You know, finding a therapist is a lot like dating.

  • You search hi and low for a new therapist, consulting as many sources as humanly possible.
  • Maybe you ask others what they’re like
  • Sometimes you’ll get waitlisted or as I like to think of it, friend zoned
  • If you’re like me, you prepare most of what you’re going to say in advance
  • You Google the shit outta them to find out as much info as possible
  • You wonder what they look like
  • And whether you’ll hit it off
  • You might compare your new therapist to your “exes”
  • By the end of your first session, you know if there’s a chance for a second
  • And on the drive home, you start wondering about that thing they said it what it really meant



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